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22 new changesets in viewer-development:

changeset:   e630cbe3be27
user:        nat_linden
date:        2011-06-23 20:50:28
summary:     Log enriched memory info for Mac too.
Add Mac logic to LLMemoryInfo::stream(): run vm_stat and log its output.
Add comments with Mac and Linux suggestions to
LLMemoryInfo::getAvailableMemoryKB(), responding to comment:
//do not know how to collect available memory info for other systems.
affected #:  1 file (2.6 KB)

changeset:   90e9a20caa53
user:        nat_linden
date:        2011-06-24 16:46:38
summary:     CHOP-753: add timestamp and <mem> marker to memory stats log lines
affected #:  1 file (426 bytes)

changeset:   e3a5917c93db
user:        nat_linden
date:        2011-06-28 14:21:49
summary:     CHOP-753: Log LLMemoryInfo whenever framerate hits a new low.
Introduce FrameWatcher, a static object that hooks into the LLEventPump named
"mainloop" to get a call every frame. Track framerate over a defined sample
time (20 seconds atm); track minimum and log LLMemoryInfo every time we hit a
new minimum.
affected #:  1 file (3.6 KB)

changeset:   b314ddcc04a7
user:        nat_linden
date:        2011-06-28 14:58:10
summary:     CHOP-753: suppress VS fatal warning 4355
affected #:  1 file (111 bytes)

changeset:   f695bb96f07b
user:        nat_linden
date:        2011-06-28 22:01:16
summary:     CHOP-753: Introduce a sliding window of framerate samples.
The trouble with remembering the slowest-ever framerate is that framerate
drops dramatically on login, then typically bounces back to something
reasonable during the session. So the session-normal framerate has to drop
pretty dramatically before it falls below the original login framerate. To
address this, only remember the last ~10 minutes of framerates, and log memory
stats every time a new framerate is slower than the previous 10 minutes.
affected #:  1 file (2.0 KB)

changeset:   81abc6ca59f4
user:        nat_linden
date:        2011-06-29 05:09:00
summary:     CHOP-753: Report Linux memory stats 1/line, like other platforms.
Previous code deliberately flowed the different lines from MEMINFO_FILE
together on a single line, which seems pointless to me, since we want to be
able to grep the viewer log to recognize individual stats.
Also replace classic-C LLFILE* machinery used to read MEMINFO_FILE with
std::ifstream and std::getline().
affected #:  1 file (141 bytes)

changeset:   2e4ac68cf42a
user:        nat_linden
date:        2011-06-30 02:35:44
summary:     CHOP-753: Introduce LLSD access to LLMemoryInfo ** BROKEN **
This is known not to compile on Mac yet; checking in to concurrently work on
Linux-specific code.
affected #:  2 files (7.2 KB)

changeset:   2df9c2574471
user:        nat_linden
date:        2011-06-30 02:42:30
summary:     CHOP-753: fix minor compilation errors on Linux
affected #:  1 file (28 bytes)

changeset:   1af988db0e16
user:        nat_linden
date:        2011-06-30 16:12:45
summary:     CHOP-753: Fix errors in LLMemoryInfo Mac-specific code.
Handle conversion errors (boost::bad_lexical_cast).
Glean additional LLSD statistics from vm_stat output.
affected #:  1 file (1.4 KB)

changeset:   8e47aeeab239
user:        nat_linden
date:        2011-06-30 17:50:54
summary:     CHOP-753: Reduce redundancy in LLMemoryInfo.
Recast stream() to display data from LLSD array rather than reinvoking OS
operations used to capture it.
Make refresh() cache LLSD data in map form as well as array; fetch items from
that in a few places to avoid going back to OS.
affected #:  2 files (1.3 KB)

changeset:   ee2e4e31b83a
user:        nat_linden
date:        2011-06-30 19:57:11
summary:     CHOP-753: Fix compile errors in LLMemoryInfo Windows-specific code.
affected #:  2 files (550 bytes)

changeset:   f2f0428eb6eb
user:        nat_linden
date:        2011-07-06 02:20:26
summary:     CHOP-753: On Windows, add GetPerformanceInfo to LLMemoryInfo stats.
So far we've only been querying GlobalMemoryStatusEx(), but
GetPerformanceInfo() delivers a bunch more memory-related stats that may be
pertinent. Try capturing those too. May not yet compile on Windows...
affected #:  1 file (1.3 KB)

changeset:   16848e2283e3
user:        nat_linden
date:        2011-07-06 19:24:49
summary:     Automated merge with http://hg.secondlife.com/viewer-development
affected #:  2 files (17.9 KB)

changeset:   711d61234291
user:        nat_linden
date:        2011-07-07 20:05:56
summary:     CHOP-753: add stats from GetProcessMemoryInfo() on Windows.
Introduce StatsArray helper class to facilitate accumulating stats in the
array-of-pair-arrays form cached internally by LLMemoryInfo.
affected #:  1 file (545 bytes)

changeset:   efe4ed8d5d28
user:        nat_linden
date:        2011-07-07 20:20:37
summary:     CHOP-753: uh, Microsoft docs lied about header file to use?
Remove <kfuncs.h>, documented header file for GetCurrentProcess().
affected #:  1 file (59 bytes)

changeset:   ead7c92aafb8
user:        nat_linden
date:        2011-07-07 20:47:20
summary:     CHOP-753: have to cast pointer passed to GetProcessMemoryInfo().
GetProcessMemoryInfo() is prototyped with PROCESS_MEMORY_COUNTERS*, so to
accept PROCESS_MEMORY_COUNTERS_EX* as documented, have to cast.
affected #:  1 file (381 bytes)

changeset:   e7d3ecb744d2
user:        nat_linden
date:        2011-07-11 16:57:14
summary:     CHOP-753: Add timestamp to LLMemoryInfo's LLSD stats block.
For postprocessing these stats, we'll want the time at which they were
captured. We'll want the current framerate too, but handle that at a higher
affected #:  1 file (1.0 KB)

changeset:   a824e96d3e0e
user:        nat_linden
date:        2011-07-11 20:24:28
summary:     CHOP-753: Add classic-C-style diagnostics around popen("vm_stat").
On Mac, where LLMemoryInfo relies on a child process rather than any sort of
internal system API, try to produce more informative LL_WARNS output if
popen() fails to run vm_stat, or if vm_stat terminates with nonzero rc.
affected #:  1 file (1.5 KB)

changeset:   41b542c52faf
user:        nat_linden
date:        2011-07-12 19:34:09
summary:     CHOP-753: make getAvailableMemoryKB() only load data on Windows.
(per Monty code review)
Other platforms return -1 anyway, so don't need to call load methods.
affected #:  1 file (0 bytes)

changeset:   7e3261482eec
user:        nat_linden
date:        2011-07-12 20:34:31
summary:     CHOP-753: Defend against boost::regex exceptions.
(per Monty code review)
Explain why we intentionally don't suppress exceptions from boost::regex
objects constructed with string literals. Catch std::runtime_error from
boost::regex_search() and boost::regex_match(); log and return false.
affected #:  1 file (1.5 KB)

changeset:   79232f3dac3b
user:        nat_linden
date:        2011-07-13 02:14:39
summary:     CHOP-753: Eliminate redundant array-of-pair-arrays in LLMemoryInfo.
(per Monty code review)
The notion of storing LLMemoryInfo data both as an LLSD::Map and an
LLSD::Array of pair arrays arose from a (possibly misguided) desire to
continue producing stats output into the viewer log in the same order it
always used to be produced. There is no evidence that anyone cares about the
order of those stats in the log; there is no other use case for preserving
order. At Monty's recommendation, eliminate generating and storing the
array-of-pair-arrays form: directly store LLSD::Map.
affected #:  2 files (1.4 KB)

changeset:   c6f2f4af65e5
user:        oz_linden
date:        2011-07-15 19:20:49
summary:     merge changes for storm-1509
affected #:  2 files (21.5 KB)

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