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13 new changesets in viewer-development:

changeset:   a36f04764e24
user:        vadim_productengine
date:        2011-07-07 17:29:30
summary:     STORM-1483 FIXED Unable to delete the last water/sky/day preset.
affected #:  1 file (0 bytes)

changeset:   4a1a1e876f1e
user:        oz_linden
date:        2011-07-11 12:11:49
summary:     merge changes for storm-1483
affected #:  1 file (0 bytes)

changeset:   2b8de72f21b5
user:        paul_productengine
date:        2011-07-06 16:42:35
summary:     STORM-1472 FIXED Favorites folder in inventory does not translate properly

Instead of changing value of existing strings (Favorite and favorite) a new string(My Favorites) with wrong key was added.

Deleted unnecessary string ("My Favorites") and added proper translation to the existing strings (Favorite and favorite).
affected #:  11 files (644 bytes)

changeset:   ad1496ea8b09
user:        oz_linden
date:        2011-07-11 12:12:36
summary:     merge changes for storm-1472
affected #:  11 files (644 bytes)

changeset:   a134106d6d4d
user:        vadim_productengine
date:        2011-07-07 02:17:35
summary:     STORM-1481 FIXED Fixed jerky transition when switching region from fixed sky to a day cycle.
affected #:  5 files (518 bytes)

changeset:   2bdcbe1accb8
user:        oz_linden
date:        2011-07-11 12:13:07
summary:     merge changes for storm-1481
affected #:  5 files (518 bytes)

changeset:   7985de803b10
user:        nat_linden
date:        2011-07-08 04:21:59
summary:     CHOP-661: Fix HTTPServer usage to turn off allow_reuse_address.
Turns out that BaseHTTPServer.HTTPServer turns on that flag by default, which
causes freeport() to fail (on Windows only?), happily instantiating multiple
servers on the same port. Change known instances, fix freeport() docstring to
highlight the issue. Add freeport() unit tests to verify expected behavior.
affected #:  2 files (3.9 KB)

changeset:   45a04553940c
user:        nat_linden
date:        2011-07-09 16:57:22
summary:     Automated merge with http://hg.secondlife.com/viewer-development
affected #:  2 files (3.9 KB)

changeset:   55473d348310
user:        oz_linden
date:        2011-07-11 12:14:46
summary:     merge changes for chop-661
affected #:  2 files (3.9 KB)

changeset:   fc3f8e662b8b
user:        VirLinden
date:        2011-07-08 20:45:02
summary:     SH-2014 FIX
affected #:  1 file (69 bytes)

changeset:   e1ed60913230
user:        oz_linden
date:        2011-07-11 12:16:19
summary:     merge changes for storm-1488
affected #:  1 file (69 bytes)

changeset:   9da4d339b7d5
user:        oz_linden
date:        2011-07-11 14:43:23
summary:     Added tag 2.8.0-start for changeset e1ed60913230
affected #:  1 file (53 bytes)

changeset:   d4cd5f0f33d2
user:        oz_linden
date:        2011-07-11 14:44:19
summary:     increment viewer version to 2.8.1
affected #:  1 file (0 bytes)

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