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Wed Aug 17 11:51:57 PDT 2011

12 new changesets in viewer-development:

changeset:   ae6a39ec8da8
user:        dessie_linden
date:        2011-08-16 19:45:13
summary:     Added tag DRTVWR-74_2.8.3-release, 2.8.3-release for changeset fb85792b84bf
affected #:  1 file (120 bytes)

changeset:   277e4752c152
user:        dessie_linden
date:        2011-08-16 19:49:35
summary:     merged .hgtags
affected #:  281 files (183.8 KB)

changeset:   efed7a9aafd4
user:        oz_linden
date:        2011-08-17 17:29:23
summary:     merge changes for release tags
affected #:  1 file (120 bytes)

changeset:   01f4739fe513
user:        eli
date:        2011-07-29 20:03:45
summary:     sync with viewer-development
affected #:  17 files (894 bytes)

changeset:   7c58552a78c6
user:        eli
date:        2011-08-05 00:34:46
summary:     sync with viewer-development
affected #:  17 files (10.0 KB)

changeset:   4861762d31bf
user:        eli
date:        2011-08-05 20:03:49
summary:     sync with viewer-development
affected #:  6 files (2.8 KB)

changeset:   71c849cf3fee
user:        eli
date:        2011-08-10 01:16:39
summary:     sync with viewer-development
affected #:  14 files (2.6 KB)

changeset:   87a125e0d877
user:        eli
date:        2011-08-16 21:32:12
summary:     sync with viewer-development
affected #:  14 files (6.4 KB)

changeset:   851b7cd0c862
user:        eli
date:        2011-08-17 03:13:34
summary:     FIX INTL-66 translation for set26 and basic set5, for 6 languages
affected #:  58 files (44.5 KB)

changeset:   643c1d4581bd
user:        oz_linden
date:        2011-08-17 17:31:06
summary:     merge changes for storm-1560
affected #:  75 files (44.5 KB)

changeset:   118c4126797a
user:        vadim_productengine
date:        2011-08-09 21:47:19
summary:     STORM-1546 FIXED Fixed a crash caused by a race condition in LLRefCount.

secapiSSLCertVerifyCallback() seems to be called simultaneously by multiple threads,
which causes a race condition in LLRefCount::ref/unref() methods.
The reference counter in LLSecAPIBasicHandler::mStore goes to zero, and the object gets destroyed.

Derive LLCertificateStore from LLThreadSafeRefCount instead of LLRefCount,
which should fix the race condition.

The LLThreadSafeRefCount constructor is private, so we have to wrap instances of the class with LLPointer.
affected #:  2 files (26 bytes)

changeset:   478aabd2813b
user:        oz_linden
date:        2011-08-17 17:32:27
summary:     merge changes for storm-1546
affected #:  2 files (26 bytes)

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