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6 new changesets in viewer-development:

changeset:   r13160:3d9dc763fd79
user:        seth_productengine
date:        2010-10-14 23:10:55
summary:     STORM-263 FIXED popup menu of Cog button in lower-left of sidebar panel closing on second click

- Changed type of gear menu buttons from LLButton to LLMenuButton in all sidebar panels where gear menu button is used.

- Added setMenuPosition(), setMenu() and updateMenuOrigin() to the LLMenuButton.

- Moved actions common for displaying a context menu to LLMenuButton::toggleMenu().

- In all sidebar panels where LLButton was replaced with LLMenuButton the following steps were taken:
    1. setting gearMenu and its position relative to the menuButton with LLMenuButton::setMenu()
    2. setting mouse down callback for the menuButton if needed.
    3. calculating the menu origin point with LLMenuButton::updateMenuOrigin() in mouse down callback
affected #:  25 files (4.0 KB)

changeset:   r13161:b7032bf70847
user:        merov_linden
date:        2010-10-21 05:50:20
summary:     STORM-263 : merge to viewer-development
affected #:  0 files (0 bytes)

changeset:   r13162:da18f73ae02d
user:        vadim_productengine
date:        2010-10-19 18:55:19
summary:     STORM-390 FIXED "Place Profile" appeared instead of "Resident Profile" after clicking on user name in a nearby chat toast.

Now clicking an avatar name opens avatar profile; clicking an object name opens object inspector.

This change rolls back the fix of STORM-358.
affected #:  2 files (1.2 KB)

changeset:   r13163:75423419eb5e
user:        merov_linden
date:        2010-10-21 05:54:24
summary:     STORM-390 : merge with viewer-development
affected #:  0 files (0 bytes)

changeset:   r13164:dd3a7a6ff049
user:        andrew_productengine
date:        2010-10-19 19:23:07
summary:     STORM-402 FIXED Fixed adding of people whom you sent IM to Recent list.

This regression was caused by fix of STORM-126 in changeset 09f13edf6aa8 where adding of people from mInitialTargetIDs was removed.
And it was used to add people whom you P2P im'ed.

- Used mInitialTargetIDs to add people whom you P2P im'ed.
affected #:  1 file (298 bytes)

changeset:   r13165:d8b6a30299e2
user:        merov_linden
date:        2010-10-21 05:56:15
summary:     STORM-402 : merge with viewer-development
affected #:  0 files (0 bytes)

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