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5 new changesets in viewer-development:

changeset:   r14104:b9f75db99fce
user:        WolfpupL
date:        2010-12-15 15:53:24
summary:     STORM-776 : unable to change permissions to "no trans" on item in avatar inventory
   applied Kitty's code changes listed in STROM-288 as it is a related issue and this
   actualy fixed both issues!
affected #:  3 files (136 bytes)

changeset:   r14105:c8ebe6f31923
user:        oz_linden
date:        2010-12-16 20:55:01
summary:     merge fix for storm-776
affected #:  0 files (0 bytes)

changeset:   r14106:f8afe086278f
user:        vadim_productengine
date:        2010-12-16 13:59:10
summary:     STORM-529 FIXED Added Undo/Redo items to the Build menu.
affected #:  1 file (637 bytes)

changeset:   r14107:d6a2fd13bd8e
user:        oz_linden
date:        2010-12-16 22:13:37
summary:     merge fix for storm-529
affected #:  0 files (0 bytes)

changeset:   r14108:794ad1fc71d1
user:        oz_linden
date:        2010-12-16 23:51:35
summary:     Automated merge with file:///Users/oz/Work/viewer-development
affected #:  0 files (0 bytes)

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