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23 new changesets in viewer-development:

changeset:   r13868:094773a5a314
user:        dessie_linden
date:        2010-12-07 21:51:09
summary:     Merged latest fixes
affected #:  0 files (0 bytes)

changeset:   r13869:25bd6007e3d2
user:        nat_linden
date:        2010-12-08 22:49:28
summary:     CHOP-239: reconcile LL_VERSION_BUNDLE_ID with Info-SecondLife.plist.
The bundle ID is found in llversionviewer.h, Info-SecondLife.plist and
mac_updater.cpp. The latter two state it as "com.secondlife.indra.viewer".
llversionviewer.h stated it as "com.secondlife.snowglobe.viewer". Changing it
to "indra" to be consistent. For further discussion, please see the Jira.
affected #:  1 file (4 bytes)

changeset:   r13870:315e6542a9e6
user:        merov_linden
date:        2010-12-09 23:05:36
summary:     Pull from viewer-beta
affected #:  1 file (4 bytes)

changeset:   r13871:9646ecbc7aed
user:        eli_linden
date:        2010-12-08 00:57:40
summary:     sync with viewer-beta 2.4, 12/7/2010
affected #:  21 files (744 bytes)

changeset:   r13872:8516a97b6191
user:        eli_linden
date:        2010-12-08 01:32:43
summary:     VWR-24079 FIX DE linguistic by Torben Trautman
affected #:  2 files (22 bytes)

changeset:   r13873:ee94fe1f5214
user:        eli_linden
date:        2010-12-09 01:40:30
summary:     CT-634 WIP DE ES FR translation for Viewer 2.4 for viewer-beta
affected #:  50 files (8.1 KB)

changeset:   r13874:82f629bb13bf
user:        eli_linden
date:        2010-12-09 01:40:46
summary:     CT-634 WIP DE ES FR translation (new files) for Viewer 2.4 for viewer-beta
affected #:  12 files (9.0 KB)

changeset:   r13875:51860c70b3ed
user:        eli_linden
date:        2010-12-09 20:09:12
summary:     CT-634 WIP PT DA translation including new files for Viewer 2.4, for viewer-beta
affected #:  56 files (13.2 KB)

changeset:   r13876:f8c48a50b9b8
user:        merov_linden
date:        2010-12-09 23:49:01
summary:     Pull from viewer-beta
affected #:  10 files (690 bytes)

changeset:   r13877:4a6313921fa7
user:        vadim_productengine
date:        2010-12-07 11:06:35
summary:     STORM-732 FIXED Voice Morphing floater was opaque on first open.
affected #:  1 file (110 bytes)

changeset:   r13878:ebf35913cee7
user:        vadim_productengine
date:        2010-12-07 12:45:29
summary:     STORM-733 FIXED Build Tools floater now has inactive floater transparency when opened (because it's not focused by default).
affected #:  1 file (32 bytes)

changeset:   r13879:1d5df893e8f9
user:        vadim_productengine
date:        2010-12-07 13:08:39
summary:     STORM-735 FIXED Group icons in People -> Groups now follow floater opacity settings.
affected #:  2 files (68 bytes)

changeset:   r13880:53b397ff76fb
user:        vadim_productengine
date:        2010-12-08 16:51:11
summary:     STORM-766 FIXED The day cycle icon in environment editor now follows floater transparency settings.
affected #:  1 file (36 bytes)

changeset:   r13881:f20663035643
user:        vadim_productengine
date:        2010-12-09 16:30:18
summary:     STORM-774 WIP Partially reverted transparency fix for nearby chat toasts (STORM-717) to develop a more generic one (applicable to all notification toasts).
affected #:  2 files (1011 bytes)

changeset:   r13882:387b856b2c4f
user:        vadim_productengine
date:        2010-12-09 16:30:31
summary:     STORM-774 WIP Misc renames to improve readability.
affected #:  5 files (30 bytes)

changeset:   r13883:0cb482ba9e52
user:        vadim_productengine
date:        2010-12-09 16:30:31
summary:     STORM-774 FIXED Made notification toasts (e.g. IM toasts) respect transparency settings:
* Normally toasts are as opaque as specified by "inactive floater opacity" setting.
* When mouse is hovering a toast, the toast uses "active floater opacity" setting.
* Fading toasts have 1/2 of "inactive floater opacity".
affected #:  2 files (578 bytes)

changeset:   r13884:a57a3f3aefc9
user:        merov_linden
date:        2010-12-09 23:51:35
summary:     STORM-732, STORM-733, STORM-735, STORM-766, STORM-774 : pull into viewer-development
affected #:  0 files (0 bytes)

changeset:   r13885:638ce008f427
user:        seth_productengine
date:        2010-12-08 22:43:25
summary:     STORM-584 ADDITIONAL FIX When the user sets the opacity for the name tag the selected opacity is shown in the color swatch to the left.
Fixed color swatch label and tooltip.
Added toolltip to opacity slider.
affected #:  3 files (541 bytes)

changeset:   r13886:114d3f3bede2
user:        merov_linden
date:        2010-12-09 23:54:26
summary:     STORM-584 : pull into viewer-development
affected #:  1 file (61 bytes)

changeset:   r13887:a4820a46e5ec
user:        vadim_productengine
date:        2010-12-08 10:23:24
summary:     STORM-436 WIP Renamed members for consistency.
affected #:  2 files (57 bytes)

changeset:   r13888:e604610089d5
user:        vadim_productengine
date:        2010-12-08 10:53:13
summary:     STORM-436 FIXED Favorites overflow list appeared if you clicked a favorite landmark context menu item.
affected #:  2 files (416 bytes)

changeset:   r13889:fe8a4da69454
user:        merov_linden
date:        2010-12-09 23:55:17
summary:     STORM-436 : pull into viewer-development
affected #:  0 files (0 bytes)

changeset:   r13890:58e44e032448
user:        merov_linden
date:        2010-12-10 05:45:32
summary:     Pull/merge from viewer-development
affected #:  0 files (0 bytes)

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