[sldev] A thought on how to lower resources used by sensors

Tigro Spottystripes tigrospottystripes at gmail.com
Mon May 18 18:28:38 PDT 2009

Tammy Nowotny escreveu:
> On Monday, May 18, 2009, at 04:39PM, "Thomas Grimshaw" <tom at streamsense.net> wrote:
>> The probes can only uperate at up to 4,096m and can scan 96m higher than 
>> that..
>> But the point is still absolutely valid. It's already perfectly easy and 
>> possible to scan an entire sim, and everyone I know has a radar which 
>> does this.
> I have one of those radars and it is not very accurate.  It always misses avis whom I know are in fact on the sim.  It wd be better if the sim just told the client directly who the avis are on the sim.  (There are privacy issues, but hey!  that's what alts and private estates are for!)
> --Tammy Nowotny
as far as I know the sim already does, the oficial  client just doesn't5
make it obvious to the user, I remember seeing a jira entry that I think
was about to be added to Snowglobe (wasn't called like that at the time)
that would add hovertips for the dots on the minimap showing the name of
the avatars, I'm not sure what happened to it, also, I believe there is
a third-party client that has a builtin AV radar that uses that info, I
can't remember which one it was though

having said that, it would still be quite useful to have that data also
avaiable to scripts, the sim already knows it, and keeps sending to all
clients, why not make it avaiable to scripts as well?

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