[sldev] SL OpenID authentication

Thomas Grimshaw tom at streamsense.net
Mon May 11 11:28:44 PDT 2009

That's their flaw, not LL's flaw, https is the sensible protocol to use.


Cenji Neutra wrote:
> Just a bit of info: according to the redirect URL, our OpenIDs are of the form:
> https://id.secondlife.com/id/<first>.<last>
> (e.g. https://id.secondlife.com/id/Cenji.Neutra  is mine)
> I tried logging into several 3rd-party sites using this as an OpenID
> and it failed.  It appears that most sites want http not https and
> LL's server doesn't respond to http.
> How about it LL? ;)
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