[sldev] VWR-10311 Enabling lip sync by default

Tigro Spottystripes tigrospottystripes at gmail.com
Wed May 6 14:17:17 PDT 2009

what about making the different voice levels and such be new controls,
so scripts can take control and get updated info as soon as it is avaiable?

Mike Monkowski escreveu:
> Dale Mahalko wrote:
>> While this is called lip sync, apparently it is really just "jaw-sync".
>> What happens for the non-human avatars? It doesn't seem to make much 
>> sense for a cyborg to waggle its jaw... if it has one. Maybe have a 
>> pulsating-glow prim on its torso instead. And what about a jellyfish 
>> avatar? Might want to waggle some pairs of flexy flagellum around its 
>> umbrella.
>> This setting doesn't really belong in the client prefs at all. It should 
>> be avatar-specific and so should end up in the avatar Appearance 
>> settings for each avatar to decide for itself whether or not to use, as 
>> well as how to use it or what prims to parameter-animate with it.
> "Lip sync" is a term from traditional animation and encompasses a 
> variety of techniques.  Specifically, this would be called a "mouth 
> loop" or "babble loop" and it works with morphs (which are used only for 
> avatars, not prims).
> There are also speech gestures in SL, which are animations that move the 
> avatar bones (prims don't use bones either).  I think these are 
> avatar-specific.  The animations are sent from the server, but run on 
> the client.
>> Prim voice-animation modifications would be client-side only and would not affect prim parameters on the server side.
> It would be difficult to indicate that a particular attachment should be 
> animated when its owner is speaking.  You'd have to intercept the speech 
> gesture animation intended for the avatar and tie it somehow to a script 
> (prims don't use animations) in an attachment, but just execute the 
> script client-side, modified by the messages coming from SLVoice.  But 
> there are no client-side scripts.  I think if you had client-side 
> scripts, though, it would be possible.
> Mike
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