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Moriz Gupte moriz.gupte at gmail.com
Tue May 5 17:23:06 PDT 2009

yes we touched on this matter in the lip sync thread. I just moved it here..
data uploaded optionally on crash for e.g.

On Tue, May 5, 2009 at 6:20 PM, Ricky <kf6kjg at gmail.com> wrote:

> Of course, this would be an opt-in clause?  AKA a "Would you like to send
> your anonymous usage data to LL to help with improving our UI?" popup during
> the first run of the program. (DO NOT use the text I just wrote!! :P )
> A lot of programs I use ask that question. Admittedly, I tend to hit "no"
> by default, but it would help prevent people from complaining about LL
> spying on them...  (Ridiculous, I know!)
> Ricky
> aka Cron Stardust
> On Tue, May 5, 2009 at 3:55 PM, Moriz Gupte <moriz.gupte at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hey there, I am starting a new thread as a response to your suggestion.
>> This idea resonates with a lot of us but for some reason did not follow
>> through whenever it was raised (the one time I remember was a post on
>> SLViews last year).
>> I think shortcuts to rapid decisions e.g. votes work but it comes with
>> some campaigning distractions..
>> There are well developed click path analyses, click through evaluations
>> out there...and we could get inspired from them. I think gaze based evals
>> (fixation/dwell analyses) have their place too and is to expected in a
>> bleeding edge metaverse platform company.
>> Extracting Usability Information from User Interface Events<http://www.fxpal.com/publications/FXPAL-PR-00-162.pdf>Eventseer.net
>> - Understanding the user - logging and interpreting user interactions in
>> information search and retrieval <http://eventseer.net/e/10343/> DATA
>> ACTIVITIES <http://linc.cs.vt.edu/papers/2000/HeNeIsCa-Logging-HFES/>
>> I think with Melinda's approach which she mentioned could be done fairly
>> quickly would be a fantastic start. We could look into patterns of clicks,
>> eliminate UI interactions, coalesce functions and so on.
>> I imagine this approach should already be taking at LL so this info may be
>> redundant.
>> Ramesh
>> I think Melinda Green has a great idea to collect usage data on the user
>> interface, it would give a lot of information on how it is being used. I
>> would expand it a bit and save all interactions (with the UI) sequential.
>> That way we can also learn which actions are taken after each other, if it
>> turn out button A and Z are always pressed after one another we could create
>> button AZ and simplify. We might want to start a new chain to discuss this.
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