[sldev] VS2008: Compile error

Tillie Ariantho tillie at xp2.de
Tue May 5 06:47:49 PDT 2009

Any idea what's wrong?

Generating indra.y.cpp, indra.y.hpp
e:/secondlife/dev/linden/indra/lscript/lscript_compile/indra.y contains 88
reduce/reduce conflicts.
e:/secondlife/dev/linden/indra/lscript/lscript_compile/indra.y(748) : error
C2143: Syntaxfehler: Es fehlt ';' vor '-'
e:/secondlife/dev/linden/indra/lscript/lscript_compile/indra.y(750) : fatal
error C1021: Ungültiger Präprozessorbefehl "Yacc".
Buildzeit 0:03

I have no idea

* if those reduce/reduce conflicts are a problem
* where there is a ; before - is missing, the given file/line is bullshit and
even looking at indra.y.cpp didn't help
* how to get rid of the fatal error about Yacc


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