[sldev] CURL error 60 with gnutls 2.6.4

lists.secondlife.com at trap.wereanimal.net lists.secondlife.com at trap.wereanimal.net
Mon Mar 2 22:54:49 PST 2009

This is just a heads up on a problem that I found.

I went to log in today and got this error:

WARNING: process: LLXMLRPCTransaction CURL error 60: server certificate 
verification failed. CAfile: /usr/share/games/secondlife/app_settings/CA.pem 
CRLfile: none

After a couple hours tracing the problem down, it turns out that when I 
downgraded to gnutls 2.6.3, the error went away. gnutls was upgraded to 2.6.4 
the day before.

I do standalone builds on a amd64 gentoo box.

-- Techwolf Lupindo

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