[sldev] Body motion and facial expression tracking, Microsoft did it

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Fri Jun 5 08:39:40 PDT 2009

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Argent Stonecutter wrote:

> That's why you don't try and solve it computationally. You don't  
> replace normal animation, you use this for minor adjustments to the  
> existing animation, and you limit the strength of the adjustment to  
> small angles and specific joints.

Ah, really? Did you actually try this? This idea has been around for a
while, I have actually former colleagues that have build PhDs on this
type of motion re-targeting using IK.

How specifically do you decide which joints are relevant for a given
case? Also which angles are "small enough" before the keyframe doesn't
work anymore?

>> E.g. in one case I have seen the solver to keep the hands next to the
>> avatar's waist but stick the waist forward to reach a goal.
> Wouldn't happen, unless the person selected the waist as the joint  
> that would move, and unless the waist was already close to the goal.

And what kind of interface you would like to give to the user? A
skeleton of joints to pick from?

>> IK is a nice tool, but extremely hard to use unless you have an  
>> animator
>> guiding it.
> Which is the point.

Then I am a bit confused - I thought we are talking about real-time
automatic animation, not something to produce better keyframe animation
to be played at a later time (which is of course doable).



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