[sldev] media on the clothes

mitch at mckenzie.ws mitch at mckenzie.ws
Tue Jun 2 06:37:15 PDT 2009

You can wear media streams just fine.. Back in the days that Veodia 
Supported SL streams, my blockheads technology could stream a live feed 
of your realtime, real motion video of your mug onto your avatars head 
for all to see....

Media Hax

Dale Mahalko wrote:
> Wait, what? Are you able to wear an active animated movie stream, or
> is just a single frame captured out of the stream when it bakes?
> - Dale Mahalko / Scalar Tardis
> On Sun, May 31, 2009 at 1:30 PM, Tigro Spottystripes
> <tigrospottystripes at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Is it still possible to wear the land media stream by setting the
>> texture to be replaced as one of the textures used for clothes of the
>> av, playing the media stream and rebaking?
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