[sldev] RFC: design proposal for VWR-1071

Alissa Sabre alissa_sabre at yahoo.co.jp
Sun Jul 19 05:58:11 PDT 2009

> * Clearing the list: I was thinking about adding a new button to the
> Preferences panel, probably under Network (since there's already a
> "clear cache" button there) that says "clear login history".
> ("Clearly" this will require i18n translation; maybe this is a good
> time to ask how that's usually handled for the project?)

Translation of the new UI texts are handled as follows:

- The patch set that add a new feature should include patch file against
  the English (en_us) version of appropriate XUI files.

- If you are fluent in other viewer-supported langugaes, you can optionally
  add patches against the language version.

- I suggest you attach a note to your patch set, saying the fact that
  the patch changes XUI file and the translation are missing.  (I
  don't think this is a widely accepted convention...)

- Later on, the community translators will translate the new labels
  into other languages, after your patch is merged into the source

This process assumes your change to the XUI file is small and is a set
of simple additions of new elements.  I don't think we have an agreed
process on handling the case that large parts of existing XUI files
are rearranged, however.

# I have no comments/opinions on the idea of adding a new button.
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