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Lawson English lenglish5 at cox.net
Mon Feb 23 23:40:36 PST 2009

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As usual, we (AWG) are meeting at Zha's island (ThornBridgeTown) at 9:30 
AM SLT (pacific coast time) for an hour or so to have a general "face to 
face" about relevant issues. Our discussion-topics range all over the 
place, but lately we've been keeping focused on MMOX-related issues. We 
would certainly like to have everyone in MMOX attend our meeting and I 
think we should have a short-term goal to make our upcoming  MMOX 
in-world/real-world media streaming a regular thing so that people 
aren't required to attend a single world in order to have a "face to 
face." E.G., we need to set up regular virtual reality video 
conferencing with shared-world chat of some kind (and voice if/when we 
can swing it).

Our long term goal should be to figure out how to teleport (or mimic the 
effects of TP) between participating worlds ***at least*** as well as 
the minimal OGP TP we've demoed between SL and OPenSim so that we could 
move from one world to the next to directly discuss world capabilities. 
That basically means: show up in one virtual world, click a "TP" button 
and show up in the next, whatever that means to the respective 
client/server architectures, while at least preserving identity (avatar 
name and host server) between worlds and able to interact with objects 
and avatars in the destination world and handle local chat.

In the meantime, hope to see you tomorrow morning at the Groupies 
meeting. IM Zha Ewry, Tree Kyomoon or Saijanai Kuhn in Second Life to 
get the group membership authorizing you to come to the island at 



Lawson English
Saijanai Kuhn (ISL)

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