[sldev] Question: Replacing current group chat with XMPP?

dr scofield drscofield at xyzzyxyzzy.net
Sun Sep 14 11:05:12 PDT 2008

Ryan McDougall wrote:
> I am sorry that is not quite true. The GPL and BSD (clause<4) licenses
> are *not* "incompatible". Not by a long stretch. If you couple GPLed
> code with BSD code a vortex to the gates of hell doesn't open up,
> spewing forth legions of lawyers-of-the-damned. What happens when you
> mix the two is quite understandable and compatible -- the combined
> work becomes GPL, as is intended by the GPL.
and not intended by OpenSim.
> While it is true that OpenSim would not accept GPL code into its
> trunk, OpenSim has a "forge" website for precisely these kinds of
> projects here: http://forge.opensimulator.org/gf/
> I encourage you to show your work to the OpenSim guys, and apply for a
> spot on opensim forge if appropriate.
> If you wished for your work to go into OpenSim proper, you would
> likely be asked to use a BSD license.
s/likely/certainly/ or go the mysql license exceptions route.

    dr scofield

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