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I have had several interruptions on this project, and finally giving 
it another try.

At the moment, I am attempting to "Do the build of the extra 
libraries (fmod, openjpeg, etc) into the separate tree.
I've come up against a problem with this, and trying to build 
openjpeg.  Basically, it won't build.  I am using the latest stable 
version, which is 1.3.
I am letting VS2005 convert the files, but the build is failing for a 
couple of reasons:  I get an error message that a file named 
resource.h cannot be found, and I get an error that a file generated 
by the compiler cannot be opened with a permission denied error.

I've had a few ideas about this:

1.  Download and use the Windows binaries
2.  Use the Unstable 2.0 release
3. Use the older 1.2 release.

The wiki just says to download the latest tar file of the source.

Anyone besides Vector can jump in and advise :)

At 02:41 AM 9/8/2008, you wrote:
>I hope you've solved your problem.
>If not, maybe this will help. I'm not very experiences, so this may sound
>silly. But I too created an unholy mess in my first few days trying to get
>it to compile.
>It's very complicated, but the information is there on the wikis, you just
>have to sort through what's not relevant, and that takes some trial and
>error. What I succeeded at was the 1.20 build.
>Notice what other's have said about the python script being only for 1.21
>CMake installs. You can ignore for a MSVS2005.
>Do the build of the additional libraries you need (fmod, openjpeg, etc.)
>into the separate library tree.
>Then zip that up.
>Then download all three of the zip files from the source page (check the
>text on them, because sometimes the pointers on the page get messed up and
>it will cause you to download mis-matched packages despite the fact you
>clicked on the right link. If the links aren't there for matched package
>sets, go and update the wiki to simply fix the names. I hope that made
>Get Artwork, source, and libs from the source downloads page.
>Then unzip to a fresh directory in this order:
>1. Your created tree of library add-ons
>2. Linden's artwork
>3. Linden's source
>4. Linden's libs.
>Those last three really don't matter what order they're in, it matters that
>they come after 1, because you may find some files get replaced. These will
>cause run-time errors if you don't use the ones from linden's packages.
>Once you do that and follow the converting project files wiki page you
>mention, you CAN compile Release 1.20 on MSVS2005 Express.
>Good luck!
>Vector Hastings
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>I do not have VS2003.  I have VS2002, VS2005, VS2008 Express.  The
>one I am _comfortable_ with is VS6.0.
>I have been attempting to compile the client.  What I seem to have
>accomplished is created a mess.
>I decided to use VS2005 as the best choice among the compilers I
>have.  The client version I chose was 1.19.1
>I am running under Windows XP SP2, 32-bit.
>I have attempted to download all the myriad of files.  I found I
>needed to upgrade VS2005 to SP1.  So, that's done.
>At one point, under "Configuring for VS2005"
>it says "To configure, go into linden\indra and run develop.py -G
>VC80. This will create a build directory named build-VC80. "
>I can safely say that there is no "develop.py" in "linden\indra" or
>anywhere else in the system.  Nor can I find out where I might
>download it from.  With that lacking, I've gone to
>where I have done the conversion manually.
>I have gotten from over 4,000 errors, to where I only have a few
>errors.  Much of that was from the XML code that was pre-pended
>inside of the openGL headers.  At the moment, I am stuck at "Link :
>fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'dinput8.lib'
>There are other errors that appear earlier, over 250 of them, but
>since linking gets invoked, I don't know if they matter or not.
>One other thing:  the wiki says I need to obtain and install
>something called "Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Platform
>SDK".  This is no longer available.  When you jump through all the
>hoops to download it at the Microsoft site, what happens is you end
>up on a download site for "Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008 and
>.NET Framework 3.5".  I have gone ahead and downloaded this, however,
>since it isn't the version specified, I have not installed it.  I
>don't understand, anyway, why I would need this.  I'm not running a
>Windows "server" OS of any flavor here.

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