[sldev] Valid uses for temporary image assets?

Kelly Linden kelly at lindenlab.com
Wed Sep 10 13:53:21 PDT 2008

Brandon Lockaby wrote:
> I performed an experiment, uploading two textures using the same
> mechanism used for uploading bake (skin + clothing) textures.  The
> experiment satisfied that the next day, I could no longer download the
> textures by opening the item in my inventory.
> I can't find any mention or documentation of how it works in the wiki,
> so I must ask:  These temporary assets assumably are created in the
> millions every day when people upload their baked avatar textures.
>  Would any other use of such temporary uploads be considered
> acceptable?  Just for example, to put text on a prim for a short time?
>  Are there limitations, technical or based in the TOS, that everyone
> should know about?
> Best wishes.
I can offer technical details only.

Temp textures are stored on the host of the region you are on when they
are uploaded.  When we store avatar texture data in the inventory db's
we include a host url with the texture ID.  This means that with this
information (only exists on the back end) we can retrieve the baked
textures for clothing even when you are on a different region.  The
inherent assumption with these textures is that they can be regenerated
at any time if they aren't found.  This assumption means we clean them
up at whim without notifying any other process.

I would highly recommend not using it.  The textures there are cleaned
via a chron job at unpredictable times for starters.  I have some
worries about performance implications as well.

We really need better features for dynamic textures.

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