[sldev] Question: Replacing current group chat with XMPP?

Lawson English lenglish5 at cox.net
Fri Sep 5 21:37:58 PDT 2008

David M Chess wrote:
> > From: "Edward Artaud" <edward.artaud at gmail.com>
> > One question I'd ask is does the announcement of SLim and it's 
> mechanism for
> > integration mean that it's not necessary for chat in the future to 
> use OGP?
> > My understanding is that the SLim integration is connecting you to a
> > separate IM network (the Vivox one) in parallel to your connection 
> to the
> > grid.  It should be fairly simple to use this same approach to 
> connect to
> > other IM networks such as Jabber/GTalk if LL is now officially using 
> this
> > approach to open up IM.  The only challenge would be that some sort of
> > central SL name to (for example) GTalk name database would need to be
> > maintained.  If chat integration can occur purely at the viewer level
> > without all the attendent headaches of going though the grid, then 
> it would
> > seem such work could happen fairly quickly, which is undoubtedly why 
> LL is
> > now using this approach with it's newly announced features.
> There's now some more design strawman stuff for OGP IM in the Wiki; 
> see the "simple design example" section on 
> "https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Dale_Innis/Group_IM_in_OGP 
> <https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Dale_Innis/Group_IM_in_OGP#A_Simple_Design_Example>". 
>  And (although it's still just a strawman) it basically says pretty 
> much what you're suggesting, for Vivox or IRC or GTalk or whatever: 
> that OGP only needs to provide enough protocol for the viewer to 
> correctly connect to the IM subsystem, and the chat itself doesn't 
> need to flow over OGP.  
> This seems rather sensible to me at first blush: there are enough chat 
> protocols out there that it doesn't seem necessary to embed one into 
> OGP; and on the other hand the intragrid does have some requirements 
> that ordinary chat doesn't (like securely associating a chat username 
> with a grid username), so OGP does have a non-trivial role in enabling 
> it.  But this is all still very young thinking, and thoughts and 
> contributions from all parties are eagerly sought.  (Don't let the 
> fact that the Wiki page is in my userspace keep you from contributing; 
> it's only there because I was foolish enough to volunteer to create 
> the page.  I don't consider myself by any means the Sole Expert on the 
> topic.  Dive right in!)
I don't know what the details are, but both Zha and Zero claim that no 
existing chat system quite fits the use cases for SL-style chat. I'm 
pushing to implement regular SL chat in the OGP for now with the AD 
acting as a relay, so 1) we can have a sense of community in the OGP and 
2) we can see what actually happens to the current system in an 
intergrid/AD world.


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