[sldev] Wiki & Jira - Database locked - Speculations

Strife Onizuka blindwanderer at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 21:53:16 PDT 2008

Both the wiki and jira have their backend databases locked (read only). No
announcement or real message from the lab. So I'm left speculating what is
going on.

On the wiki this has been marked with the message "Read only mode. Disaster

I think there is some connection to this and the instillation of
Extension:BreadCrumbs2 on the wiki but I can't be sure. Mind you I'm kinda
miffed that they would install that and not install Extension:Cite. That's
life. Wonder if the Template:Multi-lang update had anything to do with it?

Maybe should probably install the version of ParserFunctions that is
intended to run with 1.13 (and not keep using the version that was designed
for 1.8 or there abouts) I don't know.

Or maybe the Category bug finally broke the db. Oh god I bet thats it,
Extension:BreadCrumbs2 depends upon the category system.

-- Strife
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