[sldev] RE: cmake: "could not create named generator" with VS 2008 Express (v9) (Lear Cale)

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Tue Oct 28 13:50:23 PDT 2008


I've had that same error.  The problem is that you need to install the latest version of activepython.  The ogg-vorbis thing isn't the real error; the real error is the "elementNode" thing that likely precedes the ogg-vorbis error on the line above.

~Squash Otoro

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>  I get the following when trying to run cmake to build the latest client
> (21.6), for Windows.
> BTW, the instructions in the wiki leave out a few things. At the very least,
> you need python installed, which it doesn't cover. I installed cygwin,
> including installing all development, and I added C:/cygwin/bin to my
> Windows PATH directory. Cygwin includes Python, and it works fine with my
> other Python scripts.
> It also (now) neglects to mention that you need MS VS C++; that happened
> thanks to the changes for cmake.  Once I get things working I'll be happy to
> help fix the wiki.
> This is a new machine; installing a development system for the first time on
> it. I'm a software engineer, but I do all my pro work on Unix.
> sh-3.2$ python develop.py -G VC90
> Running 'cmake -G "Visual Studio 9 2008" -DUNATTENDED:BOOl=FALSE
> -DSTANDALONE:BOOL=FALSE "" "c:\\BUILD\\SL\\linden\\indr
> a"' in 'build-VC90'
> CMake Error: Could not create named generator Visual Studio 9 2008
> I get a similar error running it without arguments, or passing -G VC80.
> If I run cmake from Programs menu, it fails to find Python, but I led it to
> it. After that, it fails to find or unpack prebuilt ogg-vorbis. I had to
> guess where to build the binaries, and probably guessed wrong, but I doubt
> that's the cause.
> Any clue what's going wrong and what to do to fix it?
> Thanks Lear

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