[sldev] maint-render-10 crashes at launch, can't create texture

Thordain Curtis thordain at thordain.com
Sun Oct 19 16:02:56 PDT 2008

On Sat, Oct 18, 2008 at 12:03 PM, Marine Kelley <marinekelley at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi, I have the exact same problem, after compiling 1.21.6 downloaded from
> the source downloads page, added the relevant libraries (which were working
> fine until 1.20.17, but I never tried with a 1.21.* until now), running the
> viewer crashes on startup. I am running on Windows, compiling with VC2005
> Express, the target is "Release".
> My log is identical to azdel's. I'm pretty sure the artwork and other zip
> files are ok, since their names are all *viewer_1-21-r99587.zip
> The crash occurs within LLImageJ2C::decodeChannels(), so probably related
> to a texture decoding going nuts.
> Please help, I have very little time to even apply my patch to this new
> version, and cannot even make it to run from a vanilla code... Anybody found
> the solution to this problem ?
> Thanks in advance,
> Marine
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I also had a crash at the same point after pull changes form 1.21.6.  The
1.21 branch had thus far worked perfectly for me.  Doing a quick debug
showed my error was comming up in KDU as well, so I simply removed the dll
file.  Second Life is designed to use the open jpeg library when kdu is
absent.  This seemed to work just fine.  You might give it a try.
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