[sldev] [IDEA] A new data structure for SL database servers (2)

Yuri Pankratov ypankrat at meralabs.com
Wed Oct 1 14:49:52 PDT 2008

> Is the technology being developed as closed and proprietary?  If so,
> it's probably not going to stir up much interest in this list, and you may 
> wish to send a proposal directly to linden lab.
> Tom

Yes, it is a patented technology. Yet it is still in its prototype phase, so 
my aim is not to sell it, but to know if Linden Lab developers would be 
interested in it. Then probably it would be a good idea to send a proposal 
directly to Linden Lab. By the way, if you could give me a hint of how I can 
send the proposal to LL, I would be really grateful (I didn't find that 
information on their website). Establishing contact with LL so we can 
(probably) join efforts to bring good ideas to life would be a good start.


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