Windlight performance; was: [sldev] branches/shadow-draft missing llrender.cpp

Mike Monkowski monkowsk at
Thu May 29 14:32:37 PDT 2008

You might want to use the Fast Timers in both to see which details have 


Kitty wrote:
>>I don't understand what "WL" and "Pre-WL" means here.  Are you using two
>>different versions of the viewer?  If so, which?  Do you take the
>>default settings for both?  How do those settings compare?  Is the
>>difference just because the defaults changed?
> I used two different viewers:
> * uses the old renderer (dubbed "pre-WindLight")
> * incorporates WindLight (but tested with the new atmospheric
> shaders turned off)
> I didn't use the default settings for each because the older viewer has
> higher defaults than WindLight does. 
> In my personal opinion a fair comparison is how the two compare using the
> same settings I've been using for the past two years, not running the old
> viewer at medium settings and the WindLight one at the lowest possible
> settings.
> So it's really a practical comparison of the older renderer vs the WindLight
> one with the new atmospheric shaders disabled I guess, not a "how low can
> you go" comparison.

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