Windlight performance; was: [sldev] branches/shadow-draft missing llrender.cpp

Kitty sldev at
Wed May 28 19:00:41 PDT 2008

> I don't understand what "WL" and "Pre-WL" means here.  Are you using two
> different versions of the viewer?  If so, which?  Do you take the
> default settings for both?  How do those settings compare?  Is the
> difference just because the defaults changed?

I used two different viewers:
* uses the old renderer (dubbed "pre-WindLight")
* incorporates WindLight (but tested with the new atmospheric
shaders turned off)

I didn't use the default settings for each because the older viewer has
higher defaults than WindLight does. 

In my personal opinion a fair comparison is how the two compare using the
same settings I've been using for the past two years, not running the old
viewer at medium settings and the WindLight one at the lowest possible

So it's really a practical comparison of the older renderer vs the WindLight
one with the new atmospheric shaders disabled I guess, not a "how low can
you go" comparison.

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