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> Eric has responded to many of the rest of the issues in that post, but > I'd like to add the following: There is no implication that you need to > buy a new machine. GeForce 8[1] and Radeon R600[2] series cards are > availible for less than $50. (I believe that the R600 series is the > equivalent ATI product line as it claims shader model 4 support, but one > of the other graphics devs should probably confirm that.) 
So your target audience is those that are technically savvy enough to be able to check the power and cooling requirements of a new graphics card, dismantle their PC, remove a graphics card, safely insert a new one, reassemble the machine, sort out the inevitable driver clash as the machine tries to load the driver for the previous graphics card etc.
So not the typical home user - who just expects to buy a box and it to work until it needs to be replaced or needs to buy in time of a technician/engineer to make hardware changes.
Not the typical business who might need to upgrade 100 machines in a department - and then might risk invalidating his support service should unauthorised personnel open the computer box.
Not the typical University/College student who almost universally has a laptop these days
OK, so I'm stretching what you said - but these 'that GPU is three years old  so "it's beyond obsolete"', 'it's only $50 to get a new card' etc. all just support a perception that SL is aimed at techno-geeks running up to date hardware or that LL is out of touch with the typical user from the audiences LL wishes to attract.

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