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Yesha Sivan yesha at metaverse-labs.com
Tue May 27 08:24:46 PDT 2008

Baba...  Hummmm....

Re: "Commerce" is in fact a very standardize effort in the real world.
Banking, insurance, and credit companies have very details set of standards
to do their work. It would nice if we could have such standards in the
virtual worlds. So when I buy a car in SL I can take it with me to OPEN SIM.

Re: community.  I guess we mean to set standards for how communities are
organized. I'm talking about things like permissions for group, sub groups,
roles, etc. Actually SL has done a good job in that area... although more
can be done.

Re: creation. It is the ability to create things. arrange items, build them,
program them and not worry about copybots.  It will be nice if we could have
common standard and many editors? no?

On a higher level -- setting these standards is not a simple task. I
estimate it is x100 times more complicated then the standards for the
internet. But it is doable: GSM would be such an example. It calls for the
right combination of the approach, framework, process -- and people.

You are right -- things are vague -- because we are just starting (just 2
years into the effort) it will take time.  We will of course participate
with, be part of, or lead other efforts.

For a general discussion about standards see this:

Botton line: the beef will be there as more work is done.  You are invited
to participate.


On Tue, May 27, 2008 at 5:43 PM, James Neal <baba at openmv.org> wrote:

> This is silly. You cant standardize community and commerce.
> Community is free-form and will do whatever the hell it wants.  You likely
> wont get much support for your standard from banking and such so commerce is
> out unless you're talking about another virtual world currency. Too risky.
> As for creation..  I don't know what that even means. Too vague. Everything
> about MPEG-V seems too vague to really say much more than this.
> Where's the beef?
> Baba
> On Mon, May 26, 2008 02:41, Yesha Sivan wrote:
>> Live interesting conversation...  here are my 2 cents:
>> We are not working on pure MPEG style MPEG-V (not "5", but V for virtual);
>> we are working on the FULL framework to enable real virtual worlds
>> including all the good things like community, creation and commerce.
>> Yes it will be nice to have SL and WOW and even IMVU using the same
>> standards.
>> BUT as one of the member mention ("doing HTML from Plato") -- do we have
>> all the technology that we need? We are not sure... and that is why we want
>> all the input.
>> My personal take: a medium standard is better then no standard.
>> --Yesha
>> --
Dr. Yesha Y. Sivan, http://www.dryesha.com; Connecting Real and Virtual
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