Contribution agreements (Re: [sldev] What is the point offirstlook and giving feedback to LL)

Tateru Nino tateru.nino at
Thu May 8 15:52:36 PDT 2008

Most (admittedly not all) of the not-in-the-standard-viewer features in 
the OnRez client were released as source code, as I recall. I don't know 
if they were released to Linden Lab with contribution agreements, 
though. If not, then you could certainly use that code - but Linden Lab 
couldn't practically incorporate it into their tree. Anyway, there was 
code released, as I recall, and it was on this list.

Gordon Wendt wrote:
>  As far as I'm concerned LL already has betrayed the trust of their 
contributors the moment they decided to downline license rights to the 
viewer essentially making that version that they licensed out closed 
source even though it was based off open source contributions and as of 
yet nothing has been gotten back by the contributors by LL's selling out.
>  Rob, you have to admit that it's quite hypocritical that LL expects 
it's contributors to give up most of the rights to their contributions 
without condition when LL is unwilling to do the same in case they 
"change their mind" especially since once you sign the contribution 
agreement (an act I have not taken and most likely never will) a 
contributor has his/her hands tied.
>  -G.W.
>  P
Tateru Nino

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