Contribution agreements (Re: [sldev] What is the point offirstlook and giving feedback to LL)

Richard M Stallman rms at
Mon May 5 15:06:53 PDT 2008

    I can see what you're saying, but consider the possibility that the 
    commercial license, done by a third party, forks well away from the 
    current free version. The example I have in mind is the Second Life 
    OnRez viewer, which is the only commercial version of the Second Life 
    viewer I'm aware of.

Since these are non-free programs, they are, of course, unethical.
But the problem we're trying to avoid here is more specific than that.

I think that if the original developer agrees to the condition I proposed
then no abuse of our code could occur.  The reason is that if the source
made available by the original developer for third-party non-free software
contains our code, this condition will require that the free version
also contain our code.

Once that is the case, the third-party non-free program
cannot contain any of our code which is not in the free version.

    Many people prefer the interface of the OnRez viewer (which is also a 
    free download

Do you mean "gratis download"?  I presume this is not free software. 

		  used for the SL CSI:NY TV tie-in) but some features found 
    in the latest open source viewer

Since I disagree with the basic ideas of "open source",
I have to point out that the issue I am concerned about is
whether the program is free (libre) software -- not whether it is
open source.  The two criteria are not the same, and the two
philosophies are based on very different values.

for more explanation of the difference between free software and open

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