[sldev] Your Feedback Wanted on Search Flagging !

Alissa Sabre alissa_sabre at yahoo.co.jp
Mon May 5 07:26:18 PDT 2008

Several questions and comments that I beielve are not discussed yet on
this list:

> * First, when you post a classified, group, event or parcel
>   listing, you will have to self-declare if your content is
>   mature or not.

> * If a listing is flagged as "Mature" by x Residents and is not marked
> Mature, it will be automatically changed to Mature - it will not be
> removed. Totally agree that more clarity is needed around what is

I believe entries that are already self-declared as Mature are not
flagged for Mature, because it is OK to list, e.g., mature events as
long as it is marked as Mature.  Am I correct?  Assuming I am, my
question is: is it enforced by the system?  (E.g., the "Mature" radio
button is greyed out for a Mature Event listing.)

Another questin is: what is the LL policy on the contrary, i.e., is it
allowed to self-declare no Mature things as Mature?  How we can flag
it, if it isn't?

> >     *Flag Categories*
> >
> >         * Mature - /the listing is adult only content/
> >         * Prohibited - /the listing contains content that is
> >           prohibited on SL/
> >         * Spam - /irrelevant listings (examples: commercial posts in
> >           non-commercial venues, event postings for non-events)/
> >         * Showcase - /nominate something for possible inclusion in the
> >           Second Life Showcase/ (http://secondlife.com/showcase)

The first three categories (mature, prohibited, and spam) are negative
flagging.  The last one, showcase, is positive.  I think it is a bad
practice to put things of opposite purpose into a single "flagging"
user interface.  It will confuse residents, and the objective of the
new flagging system unclear.

Even if the underlying mechanism to handle is same for all four
categories, there should be clear distinction; e.g., a link labeled
"Flag this" for the first three categories, and another link labeled
"Recommend this" for the Showcase category.

> >         * When content is flagged several times, the content owner
> >           will be notified by SL support team and may be penalized
> >           according to Community Standards
> >           <http://secondlife.com/corporate/cs.php>

Well, I don't think you intended to do this for a resident whose
contents are frequently flagged as "Showcase"...  I think you confused
yourself by putting negative and positive things into a single

> >         * Spam - /irrelevant listings (examples: commercial posts in
> >           non-commercial venues, event postings for non-events)/

As far as I understand, a usual understanding of the word SPAM is to
show something, usually an advertisement, that is not wanted by the
receipients a lot of times to a lot of people.  I don't think your
examples fall into my understanding of the word SPAM.  If my
understanding of the word SPAM is wrong (it is very likely because I'm
not an English speaker), that's fine.  However, I understand the word
correctly, I recommend to change the name for the category that is
suitable for the cases that you want to catch.

> * If a listing is flagged as "Prohibited" by x Residents, it will be
> automatically taken down and reviewed by the Governance team.

"automatically taken down and reviewed"?  Why this is not "reviewed
and taken down if it is recognized as prohibited"?  You Linden
Governers will review it very soon, anyway, then why do you take it
down before review?

This may depends on how large the "x" is; if x is 10,000, taking down
before review may be OK.  But if it is 10 or 20, I don't think it is

> * Not all accounts are able to flag search listings, anonymous basic
> Residents or Residents who are under x days old will not be able to
> participate in search flagging.

What is "anonymous basic resident"?  Is it residents with "payment
info not on file"?  If it is it, I believe LL is doing an
inappropriate thing here.  I understand that LL considered the
difference between "payment info not on file" and "payment info used"
has no meaning, and that is the reason LL introduced separate age
verification system...

> >         * Of course, no system can be perfect, so if you think
> >           something was flagged in error, you can always file a
> >           support ticket for review

Does this mean residents with basic accounts are unable to oppose to
false flagging?

    Alissa Sabre
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