[sldev] Your Feedback Wanted on Search Flagging !

SignpostMarv Martin me at signpostmarv.name
Sat May 3 04:34:46 PDT 2008

cF = UNIX_TIMESTAMP(`date_content_flagged`)
cP = UNIX_TIMESTAMP(`date_content_posted`)
fA = UNIX_TIMESTAMP(`date_flagger_avatar_born`)
N = number_of_flaggings
T = (cF - cP) / (cF - fA)
W = weight_of_flagging = N / T

If my math is right, the algebra blurb I've typed out above makes fewer 
flaggings from older avatars more substantial than flash-mobbing content 
with freshly created accounts.
It also makes older avatars' flaggings carry more weight on older content.

Using a weighted scheme (perhaps not using the formula I've described 
here), would be far more preferable than if (N = x) take action.

~ Marv.

Jeska Dzwigalski wrote:
> Heya,
> Thanks for all the great thoughts everyone, very helpful!  I wanted to 
> clarify that the Search Flagging described is for search listings -- 
> not inworld content, avatar or group profiles, land sales etc. - it is 
> ONLY for parcel listings, classified ads and events listings. Also, 
> for those who are concerned about abuse/griefing, here is some more 
> detail on the proposed design:
> * If a listing is flagged as "Mature" by x Residents and is not marked 
> Mature, it will be automatically changed to Mature - it will not be 
> removed. Totally agree that more clarity is needed around what is 
> "mature" (and "prohibited") I will take that back to the Governance 
> Team as feedback.
> * If a listing is flagged as "Prohibited" by x Residents, it will be 
> automatically taken down and reviewed by the Governance team. 
> Prohibited listings might include listings for gambling or child 
> pornography.
> * Not all accounts are able to flag search listings, anonymous basic 
> Residents or Residents who are under x days old will not be able to 
> participate in search flagging.
> * Each account which can flag is only able do so once per search 
> listing and there is a limit to the amount of search listings each 
> account can flag per day.
> * One account flagging a listing will NOT cause it to be automatically 
> removed
> * Nominate for Showcase is that exactly - a nomination for review by 
> an editorial board for possible inclusion.
> * Any classified ads that are taken down will be refunded (prorated 
> for time active), with notification
> Are there any other restrictions to who can flag or when/how/etc 
> anyone can think of to help both prevent overt abuse while still 
> helping stem grievous abuse of search listings (see: current Event 
> Calendar spam as one example)?
> Cheers,
> Jeska
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