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Its the automatic guilty if voted by x residents which is the problem.
As noted, even with the various safeguards there is still scope for grieffing. However, it is mistaken votes which concern me.
When the child pornography issue flared up, there were quite a few people who though child avatars were banned (and ARed such), and others who reacted to child avatars in mature areas as if they were real children (forgetting that a pixel depiction of a child is not corruptible, and any avatar on the main grid should have an adult controlling it).
Likewise with the gambling ban there were even reports of Lindens deleting pay for free devices which weren't banned. Suppose I had a Los Vegas themed sim, but were all the slot machines, roulette wheels etc worked but didn't take or pay out money (i.e. more decorative). I could quite imagine that getting flagged quite often as prohibited.
Unfortunately there are probably enough people out there who would incorrectly flag parcels (either deliberately or through an honest or cultural misunderstanding), that if you set x high enough to avoid search entries being incorrectly removed, you've probably also set x too high for correctly flagged parcels to also be removed.

Date: Fri, 2 May 2008 20:58:07 -0400From: gbrandon at gmail.comTo: sldev at lists.secondlife.comSubject: Re: [sldev] Your Feedback Wanted on Search Flagging !I think you've got the wrong idea with the "automatic" part.
On Fri, May 2, 2008 at 8:08 PM, Jeska Dzwigalski <jeska at lindenlab.com> wrote:

Heya, Thanks for all the great thoughts everyone, very helpful!  I wanted to clarify that the Search Flagging described is for search listings -- not inworld content, avatar or group profiles, land sales etc. - it is ONLY for parcel listings, classified ads and events listings. Also, for those who are concerned about abuse/griefing, here is some more detail on the proposed design: * If a listing is flagged as "Mature" by x Residents and is not marked Mature, it will be automatically changed to Mature - it will not be removed. Totally agree that more clarity is needed around what is "mature" (and "prohibited") I will take that back to the Governance Team as feedback. * If a listing is flagged as "Prohibited" by x Residents, it will be automatically taken down and reviewed by the Governance team. Prohibited listings might include listings for gambling or child pornography.* Not all accounts are able to flag search listings, anonymous basic Residents or Residents who are under x days old will not be able to participate in search flagging. * Each account which can flag is only able do so once per search listing and there is a limit to the amount of search listings each account can flag per day.* One account flagging a listing will NOT cause it to be automatically removed* Nominate for Showcase is that exactly - a nomination for review by an editorial board for possible inclusion. * Any classified ads that are taken down will be refunded (prorated for time active), with notificationAre there any other restrictions to who can flag or when/how/etc anyone can think of to help both prevent overt abuse while still helping stem grievous abuse of search listings (see: current Event Calendar spam as one example)? Cheers, Jeska

Innes McLeod wrote: 

I have some reservations about this system. It seems to me that, as has been mentioned, it can be abused to harass. To prevent it's use as harassment, you will have to add load to the database to record where every vote came from. The same will apply to the Showcase nominations. I can foresee hundreds of alts being created just for the sole purpose of voting up a single business.
As it stands even with that system, if I see something that I feel is a serious offense I would still send a normal AR, instead of waiting for enough people to notice and hopefully cast their votes for the removal of the offending content. Generally, I only report for very obvious hate speech, or child related sexual material, and in my opinion both of those are to important to just have them sit waiting for enough votes.
Something I would rather see would be an expansion of the categories that products or parcels can be listed under.

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Subject: [sldev] Your Feedback Wanted on Search Flagging !

You've been asking us to do better with inappropriate content and content classification and we've been listening. In an effort to make our abuse reporting system easier to access and more effective, we are planning to introduce a flagging system for our search results - and we'd love to get your feedback. 
The new flagging system will help Residents to flag inappropriate postings for rapid removal, while preserving everyone's ability to express themselves freely in world.How it will work 

First, when you post a classified, group, event or parcel listing, you will have to self-declare if your content is mature or not. 
Second, every listing will have a "Flag This" link. You can use this to report inappropriate or mis-classified content or nominate great content for the showcase. 
Flag Categories 

Mature - the listing is adult only content 
Prohibited - the listing contains content that is prohibited on SL 
Spam - irrelevant listings (examples: commercial posts in non-commercial venues, event postings for non-events) 
Showcase - nominate something for possible inclusion in the Second Life Showcase (http://secondlife.com/showcase) 
[All listings will still have to follow the Community Standards and Terms of Service.]
Types of listings that can be flagged 

Parcel listings 
You will not be able to flag avatar or group profiles
What happens when something is flagged 

Every flag counts as one vote for that flag category. While one (or few) votes does nothing, if a listing receives enough votes in that category, it will be auto-classified as reported. 
Prohibited and spam content will be taken down immediately when it gets enough votes 
When content is flagged several times, the content owner will be notified by SL support team and may be penalized according to Community Standards
Anything else? 

Residents will be allowed to flag a particular search listing only once. You cannot change your vote, so flag with care 
There will be a limit to how many times a day a Resident can flag search listings 
Anonymous basic residents or residents whose accounts are less than x days old will not be able to flag content 
Residents will still be able to report abusive content from inworld via the Abuse Reporting system under the Help menu
Of course, no system can be perfect, so if you think something was flagged in error, you can always file a support ticket for review
Thats it. We hope that this will make content flagging more effective and will help the community better regulate what is appropriate and what is not.
Please reply to this email with your thoughts and feedback on this proposed design! Cheers, Jeska, Kalpana and the LL Search Team -- 
Jeska Dzwigalski
Community and Product Development, Linden Lab
jeska at lindenlab.com
Visit my Office in Second Life: http://tinyurl.com/nmhsa


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Jeska Dzwigalski
Community and Product Development, Linden Lab
jeska at lindenlab.com
Visit my Office in Second Life: http://tinyurl.com/nmhsa

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