[sldev] Re: New Sculpty Features

SignpostMarv Martin me at signpostmarv.name
Sun Jul 13 14:24:13 PDT 2008

Isn't that a contradiction ?

You've said MIRROR is there to have "a symmetric shape"- why bother with 
that when you could "just re-generate the sculpty map" ?

Why not MIRROR_X, MIRROR_Y, MIRROR_Z instead of just MIRROR ?

Karl Stiefvater wrote:
> it depends on what end-result you're trying to achieve.
> if you just want the prim to have the same visual appearance as if the 
> y and z channels were swapped, you can achieve the same thing turning 
> on MIRROR and rotating the prim 90 degrees.
> the reasoning for these two new flags is that they give a substantial 
> advantage.  MIRROR gives you (without the need of a second map) a 
> symmetric shape  (e.g. shoes.)  INVERT will give you a backside to 
> your planar sculpts.  in both cases - the number of necessary sculpt 
> maps is reduced.
> offhand, i don't see the advantage of swapping two channels.  couldn't 
> you just re-generate the sculpt map?
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