[sldev] GSoC - mesostructures

Karl Stiefvater qarl at lindenlab.com
Fri Jul 11 10:27:48 PDT 2008

> Again, I may be missing something - but this is how I originally  
> expected sculpts to work when they were initially described.

heh... i think maybe you have too high of expectations.  :)

this technology is still EXTREMELY young and experimental.  remember  
that when pixar puts this level of detail in a movie - each shot takes  
days of rendering time.  in a realtime engine - these things have  
never before been possible.

but you do raise an interesting idea: perhaps the best way to quickly  
integrate mesostructure technology into our system is via the sculpt  
map - the artist provides a high resolution sculpt map - which still  
creates the standard low resolution mesh - but the details are fleshed- 
out via mesostructures.....

very interesting...


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