[sldev] IJIRA and PJIRA

Matthew Dowd matthew.dowd at hotmail.co.uk
Fri Jul 11 09:22:40 PDT 2008

> After a discussion yesterday at the open source meeting concerning
> VWR-3943 it occurred to me that the Linden Open Source project is very
> much unlike most open source projects because of the internal vs. public
> bug tracking.

This is a discussion we have had in the past - it isn't just having two JIRAs but also an internal and external svn repositories, and there have been times when this chinese wall divide colours attitudes and behaviours.

To be honest, it isn't uncommon in the early stages of a closed source project moving to an open source development model for it to have an uncomfortable amalgam of close and open source development models. The frustration from many of the contributors outside of LL, is that the SL Viewer project has seemed stuck in this amalgam for over a year with little signs of progress (or motivation) of moving out.

To be fair, there has been some promising progress in recent months (more Linden's appearing on this list rather than staying within the LL internal lists, roadmaps being discussed in the open etc.).

Re PJIRA/IJIRA, I have been concerned by

a) some Linden's admitting that they don't track PJIRA even for their own development areas (i.e. waiting until things get imported)
b) a suspicion that if an imported but closed issue is reopened in PJIRA, no indication that the linked PJIRA issue has been repopened is indicated in IJIRA (regardless how valid the reason for reopening) - this suspicion is based on the number of times a Linden has recommended opening a new PJIRA issue rather than reopening an existing one.

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