[sldev] SLEDcc 2008 - Meeting 7/8 & Updates

Chris Collins chris.collins at uc.edu
Thu Jul 3 11:00:54 PDT 2008

Hi all!

I wanted to give a brief update on our progress with the planning for 
the Second Life Education Community Conference 2008, part of the 
official Second Life Community Convention taking place in Tampa, FL 
and in Second Life from September 5 - 7, 2008.

First, thank you to everyone who sent a proposal submission!  Our 
reviewers are just wrapping up and we hope to be able to alert 
everyone as to the status of their proposal by July 8th.   Shortly 
thereafter we'll be able to start putting the program together and I 
think you will be very excited about the terrific sessions we have in store.

Next up, "The Sleddies" Award Competition is about to begin!   This 
competition was conceived as a way to recognize the tremendous 
efforts of the educational community in Second Life by giving the 
entire Second Life community an opportunity to vote on the spaces, 
builds, events, and learning objects that educators have created 
in-world.  We didn't want this to be just a popularity contest, 
however, so we convened committees of educators who are also 
experienced in Second Life to create rubrics for the 6 different 
"strands" or themes of the SLEDcc conference.

Please see the Competition Rules and the 6 Strand Rubrics at 
http://sledcc.wikispaces.com/Sleddies+Competition and start thinking 
about your submissions!   We'll be opening up the submission form 
shortly and will send more information in a separate communication.

For those of you planning to attend SLEDcc08 either in Tampa, FL or 
in Second Life, we also invite you to join us in our partnership with 
the RezEd community and begin planning and networking now!  We 
already have a request to share a room in Tampa to help offset costs 
and if you have other questions, ideas, thoughts, or any suggestions, 
feel free to post in the SLEDcc08 group on 
RezEd:  http://www.rezed.org/group/sledcc2008  (And while you're 
there, check out all the other wonderful resources the RezEd folks 
have put together for educators in virtual worlds - great stuff!)

And last but not least, we invite you to join us at our next planning 
meeting this coming Tuesday, July 8th, at 1PM SLT in our temporary 
home in the Chilbo 

We will have a map of the facilities layout of the conference space 
in Tampa, ask for your feedback on The Sleddies voting kiosks, 
distribute posters, banners and other objects that you can put up to 
help spread the word about SLEDcc08 at your own in-world locations, 
and help answer any questions you may have about the conference.  We 
especially hope anyone who already has or who might want to volunteer 
for either the Tampa or in-world SLEDcc08 will join us, as we have a 
number of positions left to fill!  See 
http://sledcc.wikispaces.com/Volunteer+Opportunities for more information.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend and hope to see you next Tuesday!


- Chris/Fleep

On behalf of..

Chris Collins (SL: Fleep Tuque)
Hilary Mason (SL: Ann Enigma)
Jennifer Ragan-Fore (SL: Kittygloom Cassidy)
Jonathon Richter (SL: Wainbrave Bernal)

Co-Chairs, Second Life Education Community Conference 2008
Member of the Second Life Community Convention 2008
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