[sldev] Havok4: Offer LOD degrade priority to landowners and groups first

Dale Mahalko dmahalko at gmail.com
Sat Sep 29 13:57:13 PDT 2007

The new Havok-4 engine has the ability to degrade physics calculations down
to a cube per prim when the simulator is lagging.

This has potential griefing effects against machine builders since some
random idiot could come by and rez up griefer objects which lag the sim and
blow my machine apart.

I would like to request that LOD be controllable via a new "priority"
attribute assigned to each prim, and that landowners be assigned a
relatively high priority for degrading, then followed by group members for
that land.

This way when Random Idiot tries to lag the sim, the sim will first
LOD-degrade all of the visitor's objects before it begins to degrade any of
the landowner's objects. The landowner's objects may survive the lag
completely unscathed while the griefers objects lay there in a continuously
LOD-cubed degrade state.

-Scalar Tardis / Dale Mahalko
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