[sldev] Re: Permissions - A content creator's view (michi@luskwood.org)

Tao Takashi tao.takashi at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 25 06:49:27 PDT 2007

2007/9/25, Argent Stonecutter <secret.argent at gmail.com>:
> On 24-Sep-2007, at 21:23, Brian wrote:
> > All for Iridium's idea on a roundtable for this: There are definitely
> > unanswered questions between this and the future distributed grid.
> I'd rather it be in this list or in another list. Because otherwise
> it'll be during office hours and some of us just can't get in world
> then.

But then again some people might feel uncomfortable on this (very technical)
list. I am for some roundtable which might attract hopefully more content
creators. It does not mean that everybody on here needs to attend as well as
long as somebody reports back with a summary of issues, possible solutions
etc. So the first thing at this meeting should be to define somebody to do
the report (transcript is fine, too but usually hard to read and it might be
easier to just take some notes during the meeting).

I think it's important to have as many forums about such issues as possible
so that nobody has the feeling that there is some disconnected group on some
mailing list deciding about other people's future and OTOH not to have the
feeling that we discuss great things here but the world "outside" does not
understand us.

And of course it would be important that Linden Lab gets more involved about
these issues because they will decide in the end what they will implement on
their grid.

-- Tao

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