[sldev] Re: [VWR] Real-time Raytracing

Lawson English lenglish5 at cox.net
Sun Sep 23 16:46:20 PDT 2007

Jason Giglio wrote:
> Dzonatas wrote:
>> I understood that point, but SSE and # of CPUs are unrelated. The 
>> attempt to argue against # of CPUs (as being the future instead of 
>> sooner) with an argument about the state of SSE is not fair.
> You know, actually for the architecture interop it would be very nice 
> to have an alternative client for testing.
> If you and a group of people want to get together and make a 
> raytracing client for high-core CPUs, go for it, seriously!
> -Jason
My own belief is that the GUI needs fixing before anything more 
interesting can reliably be done.

Wish that Steve would release his ideas and let me and others critique. 
Things are terribly messy right now, and until that is sorted out, 
making a new graphics engine will likely have hidden gotchas due to the 
hight interprenetration of the GUI code with the graphics and other code

How do you handle redrawing of the GUI windows in a ray-tracing engine, 
for example? What about those cute animated folder arrows in the 
inventory panel window? I don't understand how they're done currently 
under OpenGL, and I suspect trying to switch graphics engines without 
knowing that will result in even MORE kludges in order to restore broken 
GUI functionality, What about mouse coordinates? Etc?


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