[sldev] [ATTN-LL] Physics engine status update?

Dirk Moerenhout blakar at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 13:45:55 PDT 2007

> At this point, you are correct. However, with later versions of Havok,
> especially 4+, things are allegedly more efficient than what SL
> currently uses, and you can use simpler representations of the mesh if
> need be, for speed.
> http://www.havok.com/misc/physicsEfficiency-2007.pdf

That PDF is good, thanks! What I was mostly aiming for but can't
obviously explain as eloquently as somebody actually working a lot on
the subject is "Choice of complexity Part 2: Sharing data or not?"

In SL I see little reason to share data. It's good to share if you
have it but we're discussing physics on the server side and off course
there's no dual data as the sim has no reason to triangulate all the
prims as it's not representing them graphically.

For sculpted prims we'll have to find some sort of solution obviously.
An interpolated mesh could be a consideration although I fear it would
do it little justice in several cases because the interpolation meshes
aren't always great (as we can see with LOD on sculpted prims). It
might be a good sideproject though. Someone can try to come up with a
system that converts sculpted prims in convex objects. Ideally as few
objects as possible.

Dirk aka Blakar Ogre

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