[sldev] Permissions

Argent Stonecutter secret.argent at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 13:03:13 PDT 2007

The original intent of the SL permissions system was that people  
could make objects that acted like physical objects (transferrable,  
but not copyable, with the right of first sale that you get from  
physical objects), and objects that acted like licensed software  
(copyable, but not transferrable, so you can back them up but not  
resell them). The right to *break* objects that you bought was  
originally there: if you buy a no-mod object you could take it  
apart... pull stuff out of the inventory... but not put it back  
together again.

At some point someone convinced LL that this was an "exploit". I  
don't know the details, they have never to my knowledge been  
published, but suddenly I found that I couldn't buy a plane, and turn  
it into a prop by pulling the scripts out to reduce lag and prevent  
people from getting annoying "you can't ride me, you're not the  
owner" messages when they sat on it.

At one point I bought a Tiny avatar that was broken, The anim script  
wasn't working. And the creator wasn't answered. No problem, I pulled  
the animations out of it and put them in another prim, along with a  
copy of Franimation Overrider. If something like that had happened  
after it became impossible to pull stuff out of no-mod objects I'd  
have been stuck.

They also stopped you from even being able to *reset* scripts in no- 
mod objects.

This also made it possible for someone to create objects that were  
completely no-perm, by putting inventory in with mixed rights. That  
breaks the SL permissions system. But only for no-mod objects.


From: Callum Lerwick <seg at haxxed.com>
> People selling stuff mod/no-copy should be dragged out in the  
> street and
> shot.

People selling stuff no-mod need to really have a hell of a product  
before I'll even *consider* buying it any more. I had preferred to  
avoid no-mod objects when there was an alternative before this  
happened, but now... no way. Copy, no-copy, I don't care. If it's not  
mod you'll have to peddle it to someone else.

And if I ever make a no-copy product, I guess you'll have to haul me  
out in the street, because it sure as hell isn't going to be no-mod.

Not unless LL fixes permissions, exploit or no exploit.

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