[sldev][POLICY]Weekly Meetings

Rob Lanphier robla at lindenlab.com
Fri Sep 7 16:58:28 PDT 2007

On 9/7/07 4:14 PM, Jesse Barnett wrote:
> Apologies if this should have been in Meta instead.

This is fine.  POLICY is kind of a subset of META.  I /almost/ merged
the two for the sake of simplicity.
> [...]I have been away from the community for several months and for
> the first time I read the log from the weekly sldev meeting. 
Welcome back!
> I am sorry but I was shocked. Is it always like this? This must be
> incredibly frustrating for the 3 Lindens in attendance to waste 3
> hours in such a fashion. 3 man hours, nearly 1/10 of a full week gone.
> Such a simple item on the agenda; what tags to use? 
Doing that same multiplication exercise over a list of 550 makes me
think it might be worth it if we can regularly save a portion of those
people time.  Of those, 52 of them are Lindens. Moreover, I haven't
given up on the other guidelines.  But it was probably a bit much.

> Rob did a good job in trying to keep the meeting on track and on
> target but didn't succeed. 
You're giving me way too much credit....I should have wrapped it up much

> Has the weekly meeting become a waste of time? Is there a more
> efficient way of acheiving the same goals. With the advent of Tags,
> couldn't the same thing be accomplished here in the mailing list now?

This last meeting was hopefully not fully representative of the general
utility.  Real-time interaction is useful, and there's a lot of use in
eating our own dogfood for this type of meeting.  It's also generally a
better place to diffuse a flamewar than sticking with the mailing list.

It could be much better, though.  Getting things on the agenda
beforehand, and using it as a way of unblocking stalled mailing list
conversations can be really useful.  Even those that can't attend can
get something useful out of making sure the agenda is crisp and
relevant.  We'll sometimes put stuff on the agenda, but we're relying on
the community to set the agenda.  This has historically worked better
for the bug triages than it has for this meeting, but I'm hoping that
someone will be wiling to pitch in on making this meeting better.

> The vast majority of the mailing list members will never be able to
> attend the weekly meeting due to conflicts with our work schedules
> anyway.

For many residents in North America (Central Time and westward), this is
an inopportune time, but given that Second Life is global, there are
others for whom this works just fine for.  There are inevitably times
which don't work for someone, so we pick a time that's at least
convenient for us, and hope that we can pick up as many people as
possible.  I'm usually on irc.efnet.org #opensl pretty much anytime I
have my work laptop on, so that's another real-time mechanism that often
works outside of normal business hours.


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