[sldev] AWG - Scope (Future SL Architecture versus Multiworld Interoperability)

Lawson English lenglish5 at cox.net
Sun Oct 28 15:09:18 PDT 2007

Mike Monkowski wrote:
> Jason Giglio wrote:
>> Matthew Dowd wrote:
>>> Originally, I thought the AWG was attempting to develop a new 
>>> architecture for SL focused on better scalability and opening up the 
>>> possibility of people running their own SL sims.
>> It is.  When Zha talks about interoperability, he's speaking of 
>> alternate implementations of the SL protocol inherently.
>> Other virtual worlds... unless they want to completely start over 
>> using the protocols we make, they are irrelevant.
>> The *only* product we are making here is a standardized *protocol*. 
>> What we are designing is to virtual worlds as HTTP is to the Web.
>> The implementations (such as virtualization) *are* irrelevant.
>> -Jason
> There is a *lot* more to scaling than just protocols.  I think it is a 
> mistake to sideline "implementations (such as virtualization)."  They 
> may be irrelevant to the protocol corner of the world, but they are 
> vitally important to making something real.  Standards have no 
> grounding without implementations.

Goes both ways. You gotta implement a test of the standard and test test 
test. But without a "standard" of some kind, what is there to test?


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