[sldev] AWG - Scope (Future SL Architecture versus Multiworld Interoperability)

Lawson English lenglish5 at cox.net
Sun Oct 28 15:06:50 PDT 2007

Argent Stonecutter wrote:
> On 26-Oct-2007, at 12:49, Matthew Dowd wrote:
>> Yes - there are issues around this. Latency is one, although this may 
>> not be a so much an issue if the components are on machines within 
>> the same physical LAN.
> I strongly believe that even adding the system call latency for 
> communicating between separate processes on the same server would be 
> an issue for *any* communication in the critical path of the physics 
> engine.
>> The particular partitioning may not be appropriate - another way 
>> might be that the ground area controlled by a sim varies with the 
>> load - a quiet 65536sqm region may be looked after by 1 simulator but 
>> as it gets busier it may end up being controlled by 4 simulators each 
>> looking after a 16384sqm quadrant etc. (this of course assumes much 
>> smoother transfer between sims and better intercommunication between 
>> sim at the boundaries) etc.
> Variable sized simulators is something that would be extremely useful. 
> You could go the other way, too, and get more efficient Openspaces.

Variable-attribute simulators with little or no physics, would be 
another thing to add to the mix.


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