[sldev] Uncouple Avatar movement from Sim

alexander treptow alexander.treptow at zweitgeist.com
Thu Oct 25 03:38:18 PDT 2007

from nik:
> true, but it shows you how to do something client side, without bothering
> the client. You don't need to emulate the UpdateAvatar message (whatever
> its called :P) you just need to bypass and update values stored client
> side manually :)
> Just thought that would be a good starting point.
The problem i have is, what values i have to update to do this. I just 
dont know where to find it.

from Lawson:
 > So, combine the play local code with camera moving code.

Play local is handled in llpreviewanim. when i turn of 
llpreviewanim::playanim and only call auditionanim there is no 
difference. i also moved on the server.

And to the camera moving: i got no problem with using the camera and 
move the avatar in the same time.

thx to all for help :)

- Alex

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