[sldev] A new look for the Second Life Viewer

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Quick comments:

The shading on the background of the buttons must be much more subtle, it interferes with the readability of the text and even the icons on the buttons at the top of the build floater. Also in some places there are suddenly borders around things that didn;t have them before making the interface slightly more complex looking , but then in other areas the interface has been reduced in visual clutter (which is usually a good thing). 

I'd work on making the UI background elements (button backgrounds especially) far more subtle in their shading and make sure that in places where there is a nice clean icon with no "button" around it (like t he music controls" do not suddenly pick up unneeded visual clutter.

Also.. blue.. Hmm well, it matches like EVERY heavily themed UI out there but... that may be good or maybe bad. Maybe a different color scheme, an SL color scheme. Frankly, the current color scheme is actually nice, some update to it's looks but keeping the color scheme might be something to look at. Bright interfaces look ok during the day but can be harder on the eyes at night.

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  Hi folks,


  A project that's been kicking around for a while is an effort to modernize the Viewer's look and feel using existing skinning capabilities. We finally have something to show, in the form of a package of preview files that can be installed into an existing Second Life installation. Please take a moment to review the project description on the Second Life Wiki:




  If you'd like to try out the new look yourself, you can download the preview package and use the included instructions to install the files into your current Second Life installation. To use these files you must have Second Life 1.18.3 (5) installed. The installation is completely reversible by simply re-installing the full version of Second Life 1.18.3 (5) from the Second Life website. This action will not affect any of your saved settings or user preferences.


  Check it out and let us know what you think by leaving your comments and suggestions on the project's discussion page. Once an official First Look Viewer is released you'll also be able to file issues in the Issue Tracker.


  Thanks as always for your continued support and participation!




  Ben Glenn

  User Experience Designer

  Linden Lab | Second Life



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