[sldev] Self built viewer: gray only world with no texture (and quite unstable), any idea?

Stefano Crosta (scrosta) scrosta at cisco.com
Thu Oct 18 09:53:19 PDT 2007


Follow up to my adventure building the client on Vista.
I abandoned the Orcas 2008 Beta 2 due to a clear issue with their new
8, and move to 2005. 

As usual I created a wikipage with some more details:

ues_with_Vista_and_MSV2005 (*note)

and in particular a screenshot
which is worth one thousand words.

I guess something is not working with the textures, so I would bet on a
bad included lib but I can't put my finger on OpenJPEG vs. JPEG_6b vs.
LibPNG. Any take?

I am using the source code (the SVN release code would not

In general, I found the most difficult task to build the viewer is to
get the third party libraries right. Even following the wiki I end up
with non-working ones (yes it is written that the instructions are
outdated and for 2003...). And I am almost never sure if I got them
right (I will when everything runs smoothly).

Some of the problems I found, solved and unsolved, are in the wiki page.
Is there a way to understand if the libraries we are linking are fine
without doing the full link and launching the client?

On my side, feel free to unicast/multicast if you have questions on my
setting or having trouble with yours (VISTA + MSVC2005 only :) )


*this time I just made it a subpage of my own page, hope this is fine.
Feel free to move if it seems more of a global issue.

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