[sldev] [VWR] Switch to cmake?

Dzonatas dzonatas at dzonux.net
Fri Oct 12 10:07:08 PDT 2007

Phoenix wrote:
> I believe there is a fair amount of support for cmake here at linden 
> primarily because it would simplify adding files/libraries and 
> simplify the changes necessary during a source export.
> We originally moved to scons under the belief that we could have a 
> uniform build system regardless of platform.... That obviously didn't 
> work so now we're stuck with something that works but nobody 
> particularly likes.

I believe the SConstruct file as known is not properly setup to reap the 
benefits of scons. I've already done work to expand it more properly, 
but the example already set by the existing build has killed off most of 
the interest to get others to even test the version I made. In fact, I 
have received zero feedback that anybody has tested any version I made. 
Of course, I can't force anybody.

However, I can say it appears the movement to CMake is going to be done 
by a mere whim rather than attempt a better build layout in SConstruct.

In a way, I agree that CMake looks nice.
> If someone has cmake proficiency and can make a project definition 
> which builds linux and makes project files for xcode and dev studio, I 
> would take responsibility for putting it into the release trunk.

The SL project files for VS2005 do not work with Express, as the 
dependencies do not work like the non-Express versions. For example, I 
do a full build; then, I make a some change and recompile normally. It 
will force a complete build again when it really only needed to rebuild 
one file and link.

Because of that, this last 3/4 year I have worked soley from my version 
of SConstruct and have had to avoid the VS2005 project files (even 
converted ones). I have had no problems to build between Linux and Windows.

I'll still have to use SConstruct if the move is made to CMake.

Just my $0.02L

Power to Change the Void

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