[sldev] [Question] TCP/UDP Sim connection

alexander treptow alexander.treptow at zweitgeist.com
Thu Oct 11 01:35:14 PDT 2007

Tateru Nino schrieb:
> alexander treptow wrote:
>> that i dont know how to and why keep a tcp-connection running on port 12043.
> tcp/12043 would be the CAPS request from the seed capability string
> provided by the login server. You shouldn't _need_ to make that
> connection unless you want data from the CAPS web services. Unless
> there's an extra requirement that I'm otherwise unaware of.
Ok thx, i think i dont need that data.
But what else i've to do to get from the server the charakters skeleton, 
texture and all data i need to show the charakter.
For the image requests i got some folder_id's from the login request, right?
How can i get the sim to answer me?

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